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Vinkle Singh
I have been trying to learn English for ages, other teachers and courses were useless for me. Here with sign education and deaf teachers who know how to explaining to me in Sign Language I am learning and finally getting somewhere. The same is for my computing classes. It is easy to see the projector and the teacher and learn I hope to continue with Deaf way to my advanced course.
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This is the original training and education centre for The Deaf Way Foundation. Located in Delhi, it also houses the central admisitrative office. This centre has served the entire National Capital Region as well as the whole of the Indian north zone since December of 2001.

Located in the prime business district of Delhi, through the benevolence of our sponsors, the centre has been invaluable as the epicentre of the deaf movement in India as well as catering to the education needs of deaf youth in New Delhi.

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  • Sign Language

  • Relationship Workshop (HIV & AIDS)

  • Swabhimaan

  Office: 243/1, MTNL Building,  2nd Floor, Savitri Nagar,  New Delhi
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  Mobile :+91-9811100076