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What the People Say
Vinkle Singh
I have been trying to learn English for ages, other teachers and courses were useless for me. Here with sign education and deaf teachers who know how to explaining to me in Sign Language I am learning and finally getting somewhere. The same is for my computing classes. It is easy to see the projector and the teacher and learn I hope to continue with Deaf way to my advanced course.
Thought of
the Day

The issue of disabled girls/women is one that we consider very important and regular meetings and counseling sessions are held for young deaf women who are studying with us as well as the members of the various deaf clubs that The Deaf Way has had the opportunity to organise and run. Each year on International Women’s Day we organise an event for deaf women. The first time we talked about the history of the women’s rights movement and famous deaf women in history. It was a very exciting event for them and the women who were able to come said it encouraged them and boosted their own sense of worth. We also have regular pregnancy/child birth and child rearing workshops where they are taught the meaning of womanhood and are able to gain skills for their future as wives and mothers.

The issue of gender is one that is close to our hearts. The empowerment of the doubly marginalized is an extremely important activity to undertake and the International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to highlight the problems and challenges faced by deaf women in current day society. The Deaf Way Foundation organised 5 programs on the occasion of International Women’s Day . A total of approximately 325 women attended the programs on International Women’s Day in Delhi, Nashik, Hyderabad, Chennai and Chandigarh. The situation with regard to women with deafness in India is a cause for concern as they are doubly vulnerable and encounter various forms of exploitation and abuse in society at large.. At the event women form all backgrounds shared how they felt they were not empowered, as they should be in a number of different areas. Women who were working could identify well with the video that was shown on sexual harassment in the workplace. Several shared how they had had to complain to their parents or other family members about harassment in buses or in the work place.

Ms Anu, sharing her story at the International Women’s day function in Delhi on March 8th. She was an inspired speaker and challenged the group to be more assertive and proactive in solving their problems.

The women’s group in Chandigarh watching the short movie on. “Sexual harassment a the work place” created by the Human rights Law Network.

The women’s group in Delhi included NCR as well as the nearby cities of Rajasthan and Haryana.

Paramjit Kaur shares how the seminar impacted her life.

download :Sexual harrasement and Law (Powerpoint)