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What the People Say
Vinkle Singh
I have been trying to learn English for ages, other teachers and courses were useless for me. Here with sign education and deaf teachers who know how to explaining to me in Sign Language I am learning and finally getting somewhere. The same is for my computing classes. It is easy to see the projector and the teacher and learn I hope to continue with Deaf way to my advanced course.
Thought of
the Day
About Us > Objectives

To provide quality education to the deaf community of India in Indian Sign Language.

  • To provide Sign Language interpreting services and communication support to the deaf community in India
  • To use the bilingual method of education in teaching the deaf in India
  • To conduct seminars and programs promoting Sign Language.
  • To conduct teaching classes for the purpose of training deaf and hearing persons in Indian Sign Language  all over India
  • To advocate for the rights for the deaf people in India
  • To promote awareness of the  deaf culture and linguistic identity of the deaf community of India
  • To conduct awareness programs for deaf women on rights and empowerment issues.
  • To conduct programs and seminars focused on gender issues  for deaf women in India
  • To provide holistic development opportunities to all our deaf students all over India
  • To conduct Adventure courses and camps for the deaf in India to increase their life experience.
  • To train deaf leaders who will be able to influence the future of the deaf community in India
  • To provide information through print, electronic and internet to the deaf in India.
  • To liaise with organizations across India and the globe to reach the above goals